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Haven’t been able to run it for years

But it was very nifty when it worked.


As mentioned, NE, NW etc would be nice. Map drops a pin on closest point of interest, not coordinate location. Better to pass Peron format to map for actual spot. Add a GPS function and this would rock. PS. LOVE geohashing. The adventures are awesome.

Dont rate the app on the idea!

Geohashing may be a stupid idea to many, and being on a coast may be an inconvenience, but that's got nothing to do with the app!!! all in all good app though, I only wish it had a link to the wiki


The app is ok! I would like the ability to return to the map coordinate screen without having to close the app!

just a tiny request... update

ok. it's been nearly six months since I first wrote a review with a tiny request (see below). after 6 months of not being able to use it due to being sent into the waters of the bay or ocean, I'm deleting this app. this app rocks! my only request is that you tweak it so that those of us on the coast aren't sent on scuba diving trips. not that I wouldn't mind a swim in the pacific, just not everyday. fix this and get the last star! =~D

Great idea, but...

In theory it's a good idea, but... I'm not going to travel 2+ hrs to go find a cache that I know nothing about. There are plenty of ones within 10 miles of me, so why can't it use one if those? Maybe I'm just not fully understanding this app, in which case disreguard this review.

Good app & suggestion

Great, useful application. However, I would suggest adding the ability to plot in the ordinal directions. Denver sits at the intersection of four graticules, and I live in the southwest one. It would be helpful to be able to "Map Northeast." Thanks!

I love the idea, but

I seem to be having a problem getting the app to give the coordinates. It will give me the correct coordinates, but only for dates starting three days ago. I think the idea is awesome, but not if I get data several days old.


Need to be able to insert your own zipcode. It doesn't load for me, or says I live in California. But way to go with the idea. Fix this, and it'll be a five star app.

Friends with detriments.

Love love love.

1.51 update got things rolling again

Now app is able to pick up the market data and calculate coordinates again! To reviewer who mentioned the 'scuba trips', that's par for course in geohashing; not every grid will have accessible coordinates every day. Hit the 'East' button on those days if you're on the Left Coast ;)

Well-designed, functional, not quite perfect

This app functions very nicely, except for a few bugs which I haven't been able to map out. Sometimes it has a hard time computing the coordinates, but this is not constant and the map interfacing error has been nearly fixed. Four out of five considering the intermittent big and a few UI issues that could be refined. Great work overall - I highly recommend this app.

This App is Great!!!

This is one of my favorite app's. the only reason people are giving it a bad review is because the dont read the discription.

Off coast of Africa

This adlo put me off the coast of Africa. So as of right now it useless!!

Fun, but needs work

I like the idea, but, as mentioned by others, this app seems I have problems sending the location to maps. It also sometimes refuses to calculate the Geohash with no error message, which is annoying.

It doesn't work

This craplett plopped me of the coast of Africa also! The coordinates looked about right so I think the interface to maps is hosed.

Has Some Problems

Great app, which will hopefully be perfect with an update. As far as I know, it calculates the Geohashing coordinates correctly (although I didn't check). HOWEVER, it DOES NOT enter them into the map correctly! Sometimes, I end up getting the ocean near Africa for some reason, but other times, when it decides to give me a location that is actually within my Graticule, it is still considerably off. I am not sure the reason for this, but the developer may need to look at the Map API more closely. It's not that the wrong coordinates are passed to the Map (AFAIK), but rather that either the Map doesn't like the format being used or the wrong method is being used, causing the Map to do further processing on the coordinates. For instance, the Map seems to want to put the pin on a known location, such as a road or building, rather than the exact coordinates. I was suspicious when the location was shown as being exactly along the middle of a trail, so I entered the coordinates myself, and it turns out that the true location is actually quite some distance from the trail. We can also blame Apple a bit - COPY+PASTE, PLEASE!!!


Great app! But quick suggestion: could you use 'your location' to auto upload proof that an app user is at or near the site? You might need the user to sign in with their wiki login. Just a thought.


Most of the hashers in my graticle own iPhones. This is just what we have been waiting for! Without copy/paste it has been a pain to get the correct coordinates into the map tool using the touch screen. This saves so much hassle. If only mine was 3G so I could use GPS also.

Good to see some can read.

If those negative reviewers read the description (as previously mentioned) they would have realized that the odds of this giving coordinates of your current location are far from likely. That is not the point. It is good to see that a simple webcomic has inspired a hobby and even warranted an app. When the day comes that the md5 of the Dow Jones happens to nearby, I'll have to see if anyone else shows.

Great app, most reviewers can't read

This application does not give you your location. IT DOES NOT. Its purpose is to give you a semi random spot near you that you can travel to and explore. There is an xkcd comic that this app is based on. As such, I think it is a great app, since now I do not have to do the math myself :D. Oh, look at that. Today's location is on the runway of a local airport. Gotta grab my camera and go!


Off by about 50-60 miles... Unacceptable with gps

Can't find me!!!

The location it gives for me is 6.7 miles from my actual location in Google Maps. If Google Maps is accurate why is this app so far off the mark?


It's a cute toy, but it has issues consistently getting my location. Sometimes it fails with no explanation.

Program doesn't work right.

This program doesn't work right. It gives the wrong location or no location at all. Great idea once they get the bugs worked out.

Feature Sugestion

Excelent application! One of the reasons I bought an iphone was to get a GPS device that I could geohash with. I live in a location that borders 4 (!) graticules and would like an option to choose a graticule instead of using my default location. Would it be possible to add a feature such as this to the next version?


Works well, but since I live near the coast it often points into the briney deep.

Great app

Provides exactly what is needed for geohashing. Nice integration with the map.

Great app for any xkcd fan!

So much nicer than doing it through safari. Well done.

Neat idea!

Very neat! A bit minimalist though, at least a little info button would have been nice to tell people what this is and provide a link to the relevant xkcd comic. Also, perhaps Mr. xkcd would let you use some of his graphics for a slightly more "branded" interface. But nice little app!

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